For more information, please contact Patricia Irwin, Executive Director, by email or call 813.951.5323.
GirlSkills, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that offers enriching instructional programs designed to expand the skill sets of girls and young women from elementary school to college. We believe the Real Life Skills programs we offer are critical to the social development and empowerment of the girls we serve. These programs are designed to encourage students in the awareness and development of these important skills:
  Career Planning   Health & Fitness
  Community Service   Home & Auto
  Financial Literacy   Social Skills
GirlSkills, Inc. utilizes a series of programs developed by a team of professionals to provide the following:
  A program for children, from elementary school through high school, that builds a foundation for lifelong learning and skill building.
  A solution for parents, teachers, and organizations whose time is limited, who want to offer these instructional programs to their children and students.
  Success, as defined by girls learning to make better choices and experiencing positive outcomes through comprehensive educational instruction which incorporates a system of values and principles.
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